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Online Bill Paying

online bill paying

Veterinary practices and animal hospitals would rather spend their days treating patients, not paying bills. To effectively manage this essential aspect of your business, outsource your bill paying to Sizemore & Associates, CPA's PLLC. With our convenient online bill paying services, you’ll spend less time managing back-office responsibilities and more time running your business.

Our proven online bill paying solutions are accurate, affordable, and will keep the financial side of your business running smoothly. Forget dealing with stamps, checks, envelopes, and hours lost on tedious data entry! Our capable staff will process invoices and set up ACH payments or mail paper checks to your vendors while you spend your time doing what you do best, working with animals. With us on your team, you'll be confident that your bills are up to date and are being paid correctly throughout the year. And, you’ll always know where your money is going because we’ll keep you informed with detailed reports.

Bill paying services for veterinarians:

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